Halfway There

It’s that time of year again!!!! Before we soak in the sand or continue to spend our days at work let’s take a moment and reflect. Is it me or does this year just seem to be really flying by?? Like sheesh can I take a moment to smell some roses or have my head in the clouds?! Everything seems to be moving at such a fast pace. Everybody just seems to be going somewhere, doing something, being someone….and then there is me. I am honestly in no hurry to finish this year, yet I am in no mindset to be reminded of the past 5 months that have ended. I just have an understanding that I am near the halfway mark and something has got to give. I feel like it’s time to take more action. Less talk more action, what are we really about?

We are all near the halfway mark for this year and what do we have to show for it? Look around; examine where you said you wanted to be in January (if you made any plans at all) and where you are now. Are you happy with what you see in the mirror? Are you happy with your bank account? Are you happy with your relationships? Are you happy with your journey? Are you drained? Are you already ready for 2018? Talk to me, where is your head at? Just like with last year’s half point mark post this is just a reflection piece. Now is the time to make necessary changes that can impact how you choose to end the year in a way that will lift you up! It’s not too late.  If you’ve been slacking the first half of the year, now is truly the time to show what you’re made of, not for anybody but for you. You owe it to yourself to be a better you! Take charge of how your year goes!

I personally did not set any resolutions for this year. My focus this year has mainly been on creating, renewing, enhancing, and eliminating different relationships. I want to make sure that I know where I stand with people and where they stand with me, acting according to that knowledge. Another focus for this year was to just be God’s best me, whoever she may be. In both focus points I am not fully there yet but I am working each day to make sure that I am closer than I was the day before and that I don’t end the year with shoulda coulda woulda’s. I am taking steps even now at the halfway mark to be better, do better and grow better. Be reflective this month, we are halfway there but we aren’t there yet!


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