Cut the Act

My mom says that when she gets back from her trip she will stock up on different types of food because we are headed towards World War III. I laughed at her statement. I laughed at my mother’s statement and she not only called me rude but also said that I am taking things too lightly, that I should look around. To be honest, it may have been rude in some sense that I was laughing, but I was not laughing at her rather at her idea that stocking up on food would save us from a war. I am very sure that it would not be that easy. However, I don’t agree on the fact that I take anything lightly at all. I am constantly looking around, and observing where the world is headed. My heart breaks because I see where we are from where we used to be. I understand it is not pretty, and so because of that I understand that just as she has an urgency to clear out our local grocery store, I feel an urgency to do more, be more, show more of who God has called me to be.

Now is not the time to “play Christian”. Now is not the time to pray “when we feel like it”. It’s time to honestly be bold. If we are going to be about the Gospel then we need to be about it! If we don’t then well… Cut the acting and take the mask off, who are we truly living for? What are we truly living for? My mother expects me to hear such news and worry, carry her sense of urgency because of course “mothers always know best”. I love my mother to death but if I worried about everything then what am I praying for? I can’t do both. My believing in God and who He is means that I am going to have peace and believe that whether we go to war today or 10 years later my hope and joy and PEACE is set on Him. I have a vertical outlook on life and not a horizontal outlook on life. I look to who is above me and not the circumstances that are in front of me.

Many people, me included, have grown up with a horizontal outlook on life, planning, preparing, relying on others, all of the above. Am I noticing now that all of that is starting to fail. We feel sad, incomplete, or lonely.  Yet we are still playing lukewarm? Our plans, ideas, friends, they all fail us and then we turn to God…they get better and then we turn away. Question, who made them better?

“Help us against the enemy; human help is worthless” – Psalms 60:11

I am not calling your family or the saying plans you make are from the enemy. I am saying PICK A SIDE!!! Who are you asking for help? How are you asking for help? I respect this country and our military and yes I pray for those in government, but THEY CAN NOT SAVE YOU! Look around you and realize that it is time to TAKE GOD SERIOUSLY! Spend time with Him, get to know Him, and deliver as His child. I am soooooo over the games. You can’t just tap in and tap out of this type of relationship. Let Him use you and really really really use you.

If we go to war tomorrow that is perfectly fine. This will not be the first, nor will it be the last. We are at war even when it seems peaceful, many things happen in the spiritual before we even see them. I can choose to worry about the future and all responsibilities or I can give it God and then walk away. Pray or worry, but it can’t be both. From experience I am saying it now, it’s time to cut the act. The show is over, what are you doing next?


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