I always find myself laughing and admiring this generation. We are beautiful, so full of life, and yet so easily corrupted and drawn into things. The things we do, the trends we set, the places we go, how we choose to run our lives, and even the news we hear can honestly be summed up in a simple hashtag. I know for me I don’t have to even watch CNN because if it’s important then it will be a trending hashtag (sad I know). When I was younger I solely remember the hashtag being used as a pound sign on the phone and nothing really more than that. However, as technology has evolved and with the help of social media, hashtags can expose so much more. The one hashtag that I always find myself looking through is #goals. Couple goals, house goals, travel goals, fashion goals, weight goals, anything that is a goal I would look at it, and then I would make it my standard. Why? Why do we insistently observe the goals of others before our own? Do I really want what they have or simply the idea that I could get to that point. If I may be frank, the lives of other people should not be our goals. The lives of other people should not even be the blueprint of our goals. What is truly the standard that we are searching for? Well the standard is in The Word.

I have been reading the book “Kingdom Woman” by Tony Evans and it has honestly brought so much insight to the way I should be living my life as a woman of God, a woman of excellence. In the area of goals specifically we need to make God the standard and not people. So often we fall prey to what looks good around us forgetting to look beyond, as Rafiki from Lion King said “ you must look beyond what you see”. I am not simply speaking from the viewpoint of a woman but for both guys and gals we must strive for excellence. We need to live a life where we set the standards, we are the models, the movers and shakers. Our generation is already shaking things up, but why not raise the bar?

 As an inheritor of the Kingdom WE are born into excellence, it is something you have that has to be drawn out. However, you will never be excellent if you make the world your standard. Don’t be lazy or weary by what’s around you and think there is no room for your excellence because that’s what the world wants you to think. They want you to think everything has already been done, invented, taken care or. You have a role to play! News outlets are not the standard, and the negativity surrounding you does not diminish your excellence. Strive for excellence in the meantime until you are actually excellent in the next life. Let excellence define your movement! For anyone that looks at you and goes Goalllllsss, let them know you are beyond that, you are excellent! I always tell my siblings, I am not their goals. I expect them to exceed me because I am excellent. They should exceed me in all areas because they are excellent and it must reflect in their lives. I am not their standard. I say the same thing to you because this world isn’t your standard. #Excellence



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