You can’t screw up God’s plan

I find fascination in the idea that we actually think we have a lot of control. We think we can control what we ruin and what we can fix. We take control of our lives and plan, order, and create. Then when something goes wrong we go and also take responsibility for that as well! We begin to feel overpowered with an attitude of woe is me when it doesn’t go the way we planned. With an attitude of regret, an attitude of how come this always happens to me? With an attitude of God is going to be upset because I have messed up His plans. Truth of the matter is that we are not powerful enough to mess up God’s plans. Everything we do or think we are doing can suddenly change and all of OUR plans are ruined. Yet, as much as you think, no plan of God is ruined, we don’t have that type of ability. Murphy’s Law says, “Anything that can go wrong, will go wrong.” But we need to understand God and who He is because if God wants to get something done then He will get it done, whether you’re in a comfortable situation or a horrible one, if God has a plan to complete then it will be completed. Forget what anybody else has to say or how the situation looks, take solace in the knowledge that you are not at all ruining anything. You may add a dash of salt here and some pepper to spice it up there but God will still get the flavor desired in the end when we let Him.

I guess in all reality, we might as well not have any plans for our life because if they are not aligned with Gods then what? However, we need to plan. We need to be able to plan, dream, hope for things in life, but we must be able to do it with the vision of God. Having the same vision as God from the beginning is one of the easiest ways to not screw up God’s plan for our life. When we walk in right direction the view is so much better. Nonetheless, even if we don’t start off in the right direction, I have come to understand several ways why you can’t screw up God’s plans.

  1. Placement is not arrival

I honestly believe I have the worst GPS in the world right now. I cannot tell you how many times I have gotten lost because it would tell me I am at my destination when I am in the middle of a dead-end, or it won’t reroute, or some other dumb issue. Unfortunately the nameless company wants to charge me an arm and a leg to fix the phone but I will not be eating that fruit and so I have been finding my way. Nevertheless placement is not arrival. My GPS sometimes will get it close and would have me within the vicinity, saying I was 2 minutes away and so I would turn it off being comfortable enough to do the rest myself…later lost again. I think we do that in the same way with blessings. We are following God and doing what we are supposed to do and so He blesses us. We take the blessing and go “OMG yayy this is all I wanted!!” So before He can even give us more, show us more of our destination to come so that we can actually arrive, we stop searching because we are complacent with our placement. We forget that there is so much more in store for us. What’s even worse is that because of our complacency our vision blurs. We have an idea of where we want to go but don’t know exactly how to get there because we do not seek clarity on our true destination. God has more for us. He knows our exact destination and how to get us there even when we are complacent. God gives us clarity of vision that no doctor can give and an understanding to finish on the path that we have started.

  1. The highway is still God’s way

Sometimes people like to say, “It’s my way or the highway”, like um-ok human. It’s what we do; we give ultimatums to have a sense of power of control. Some people even test one another by doing what they know they shouldn’t do. Well the beauty of God is that He does not give us an ultimatum to any situation. God wants us to know Him and follow Him, but He wants us to do it with what is in our heart and because of who he is, not because of what He can do or give. The highway is still God’s way, whether it is straight and narrow or full of winding roads there are views that we can see when we look out the window specifically designed for us. There are places we pass through where we are able to become more aware of God’s glory, of who He truly is. God doesn’t look at us in the mindset of “take it or leave it”, rather He wants more than anything to be apart of our lives fully. Even in situations that bring out ultimatums God provides security to keep traveling down the highway, to keep on with the pursuit.

  1. There is grace in this place

I remember reading something in my phone recently and it said, “God’s grace is uncomfortable”. Grace is uncomfortable because it is beyond us, greater than anything we can imagine. God’s grace embraces us and gives us what we do not deserve because He loves us. God loves us!! I honestly cannot even begin to explain the unexplainable capacity at which He does but because He does WE CANNOT SCREW UP GOD’S PLAN!! The life He intends on us to live is more than we can ever seek out. There is grace and so we are given clean slates, not to take advantage of but to understand whom our God is.

God has a plan for your life, for my life, for our life. Know that at the end of the day, what God has for you will be for you, and the plans He has for you will also come to fruition when you are able to seek His face.



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