Don’t just seek His hand

God is so amazing and prayer is so amazing. I honestly don’t even know where to begin. If you have a request let it be made known to God and relax! I literally spent from September to December last year the most stressed out I have ever been because I was looking for a job. I mean I had a major that practically guaranteed me a job, so I thought. I was in interview after interview, conventions, network events, and sending my resume everywhere possible. I was invited for office visits and luncheons and yet, I was not being offered any positions. What was I doing wrong? I told God what I wanted so why wasn’t He giving it to me? I felt like I was just being teased with such opportunites. I graduated in December after all that running around without a job. I had fallen into the statistic with the other college graduates finishing unemployed and that was not what I wanted at all.

The 2 weeks post graduation I was ridiculously bored. I slept, ate, applied to jobs, and slept again because I just did not really know how to fill my time. I felt an emptiness that needed to be filled, and one thing I knew was that although I was seeking new relationships I needed to focus on seeking a renewed relationship with God. I began to seek Him out. The month of January is typically a time period where many churches participate in community fasting. I began to fast and seek God out daily with unceasing prayer. I wanted to know more of Him and truly make Him the center of my life.

A week and a half into the fasting period was when it occurred to me. All throughout the semester as I was looking for work and when I asked God to help me I did not really want Him for who He was but I wanted Him to do things for me, I wanted to do it on my own time. I was seeking His hand throughout the job search process and then assuming credit for His glory! What is honestly wrong with me?? I quickly understood and changed every prayer request. I began thanking Him for just being God. I began to seek His face.

You have said, “Seek my face.” My heart says to you, “Your face, LORD, do I seek.” Psalm 27:8

Please understand me when I say God works fast. The more I began to seek his face deeper the more at peace I felt. I knew that however long it would take God was giving me this time for a reason so I just continued to seek Him out.  I was supposed to apply to like 100 jobs and I suddenly applied to about 20. My priorities were shifting slightly. I submitted the applications and it was as if I felt the angels in heaven already working on my behalf. I went in for an interview last week Monday and the next day I got the job offer!! My Lord is so ridiculously amazing!! 1 month after graduation and I got a job in my field, location and all, a gift from the best Father ever.

Do not seek the hand of God at all times but at all times seek His face. He wants to give us good things. He wants to fulfill His promises in our lives, but He wants us to be able to recognize His work when it is done and not take credit for it, that can truly be done when we understand who He is, when we seek His face. When it is time for Him to work, trust me, He works fast.



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