Applying God’s word

I would not by any means consider myself to be a prayer warrior of anytime. I am still learning how to really speak to God and also hear His voice. Often times I find myself just sitting in silence because I know that even in silence He knows and understands what I cannot express, also because I am without words. Other times I sing a song that comes into my head. Recently I have become aware of the beauty of applying God’s word into prayer and I just want to share it.

Every now and then we may feel as though we have to speak spiritual jargon during our conversations with God (that is what prayer is you know). I used to find ways to fill the spaces and silence  during my prayer time, trying to avoid the awkwardness, until I learned that talking to God couldn’t be awkward at all. It can all be the same as when we talk to those who are close to us. When we appreciate them or ask them for things, times 10! In the same way that prayer can be done through simple conversation, we can also pray by simply believing the Word and applying it. When I was first praying for a job I prayed in a way that was in a way organized. A few days later I came across a verse Genesis 24:12:

Then he prayed, “LORD, God of my master Abraham, make me successful today, and show kindness to my master Abraham.

That was literally the beginning and end of my prayer, ” God of Abraham make me successful today”.  God knew the intentions my heart and everything came to pass. That is the beauty of God’s word that I never used to truly understand.

There are so many verses such as the one above that we can simply recite as a prayer. I read once that there is an immediate response to a prayer that comes from the application of the Bible and I believe it to be true. In this form of prayer you not only speak to God but you are applying what He has already done before into your own life. You understand who He is and so faith is active.  We need to pray with active faith. Active faith comes from understanding we have an active God who wants to be active in our own lives! I apply God’s word to prayer and you can to. Anyway you feel, whatever verse you find application application application and the glory of God will shine.


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