How did I have such a great year?

When I started this year the first thing I said to myself right at midnight was “ I am going to have a good year, it will be simple, but it will all be good”. At that moment I had no clue what I meant because I surely didn’t have any plans or resolutions written, I just knew I was going to have a good year. Fast-forward to now, the end of the year and I must admit I made a mistake. I did not have a good year at all; I had a GREAT year! More than what was expected. Often times we get to the end of the year and begin to reflect on our year, the good, the bad, and the ugly. I didn’t have any ugly, I didn’t have much bad, I did have some good, but I had a lot of great. With the many shocking deaths in pop culture, political changes, economic fluctuations, and the stressful last semester I just had (I graduated btw!), how did I manage to have such a great year?

  1. Write More

I said earlier that I did not have any New Years resolutions, no plans. About 3 weeks into the year I started writing down things I would like. I wrote down places I would like to go, things I would like to do. I wrote down issues I would like to resolve, I just wrote things down in no particular order. I even wrote down rules and stuff such as the time I wanted to go to bed (which worked for like half the year smh). I wrote down things I believed to be achievable and things I believed would make my account scream at me. I checked my list recently and saw that I actually did them. I traveled, I changed, I grew, I matured, I learned about myself. I did all of that and was now able to look back like whoa my life is pretty great.

  1. Say Less

I understand what people mean now by “do more say less”. Often time’s people do not support each other. ‘They smile in your face….’ y’all know the song by the O’Jays? Yea I felt like the year before if I would say something it wouldn’t happen, or people now had expectations of you. This year I did things differently I did not say a lot of anything, I did not announce my movements. There is no time for someone to try to discourage you and feed their input if they have no information. Learn to give people less information, surprise them. A lot of things this year came by surprise. I took a trip to Jamaica on the whim. Nobody knew I was graduating until about a month to date, all happy surprises thank God. The beauty in surprises is what’s done is done so might as well enjoy the moment or move past it. Which brings me to number 3…

  1. Don’t be bothered

I had a friend come to me and say they admired me because I just seem to always be unbothered with life. I was touched, but the truth is, I am always bothered. These last few months have been sooo tiring. However, though I was bothered I could not wear it as a crutch. The Bible says in John 16:33 “…I have overcome the world”. With that knowledge I just can’t afford to be bothered. I looked at many instances this year with the mindset that if it were within my control then I would handle it the best way I can. If it were not in my control, then I would let God do His thing and redirect my focus. I was not bothered this year by people, things, and especially by finances. I redirected my focus and made room for God to takeover.

  1. Be at peace

I actually did not learn this last thing until around November. Nonetheless, it is a lesson well learned that helped to bring a great ending to my 2016. In the beginning, though I was enjoying life and doing things and all that good stuff I can’t help but wish there were certain people to join me on my journey. I wasn’t fighting with anybody but I knew I wasn’t actually at peace with all people. I took the last few weeks of the year to check in with people and just settle some issues I thought I had buried and just plant some peace in the relationship. Making peace with someone does not mean go skipping off for ice cream the next minute, but there is room for growth where there was an initial drought. I made peace with people and most importantly I made peace for myself. I actually made peace right in time for graduation and ended up celebrating with the ones I truly loved!

Moving into the New Year what are four things you can do to make it great? I plan to use these four again and more. I plan to have an amazing year. Don’t get too caught up in what is going on around you. Reel in on one thing one day at a time and enjoy it, fix it, adapt to it, love it, whatever “it” is, will be part of the New Year, so embrace it!


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