Count it all joy

“Count it all joy, my brothers, when you meet trials of various kinds.”

-James 1:2

Yeaaaa I don’t think so, no right now as I am writing this entry I do not count many things to be joyful. It’s 83 degrees in the middle of October, not right. My account is on negative and I have expenses to meet, not right. I graduate in 2 months and still have received no job offer, not right.  I am in a spiritual funk, not right! This is just the light version. And yet, I should count it all joy? I am human and I am irritated. I may possibly shed a tear and they will not be tears of joy.

As I lay in bed last night I could not get to sleep. I usually have issues sleeping but last night was worse. I was hot, cold, and irritable. I had no one to call, the book I read was not making sense, and no worship song was calming me. I couldn’t pray, couldn’t praise, I was numb. I was just restless in the spirit till I finally just crashed. I woke up to yet another rejection letter. Where is the joy in that?

In this rut I just want to know where am I headed?


Often times I find it easier to be a light in the world, be positive, and then others…. such is my current status. However, in the sudden silence of my restless thoughts I remember “Thy will be done”.

“For you know that the testing of your faith produces steadfastness.”

-James 1:3

I am not a good test taker, but I know God will not allow me to fail. I know God will not allow my current situation to break me but for how long? Sometimes I don’t feel good things around me even though I know I have a good God but I can’t let it deter me.

So I will count it all joy, because I woke up this morning so my job here is not done. I will count it all joy because even though I feel I am in a hard time, there are people living in harder times and still rejoicing. I will count it all joy and let the will of God be done. It’s so much easier to let God do all the work; my only job is to give Him my life.

I don’t know your situation, or how many tears you cried, or whether you too are in a rut. Do count it all joy though because your journey is all a part of God’s wonderful plan for your life.

My new favorite song is Thy Will by Hilary Scott, omgggg I am so in love with that song I have attached it for y’all. The lyrics are pure and true. God hears us in our trying times and even if things don’t make sense let go and just let God. Enjoy:


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