Put yourself out there

People are so afraid to be vulnerable. People are so afraid to fail, to succeed, to put themselves out there.

Fear of the unknown?

Fear of becoming too known?

Fear of judgment?

Whatever it is I will be the one to say, people are afraid to put themselves out there.

“You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take” – Wayne Gretzsky

I used to miss 100% of the shots. In fact, I was never even in the court. I used to just shut things down based on credentials, based on looks, and based on comparison. I lost the battle before I even knew I had one to fight. Looking back on many things, I could have done them. You could have done them. However, I was fear ridden. I wanted to remain under the radar because I felt if I just stepped out, just for a bit, that voice of rejection would ring loud and cause my goals to go deaf. So I hid from it, causing my goals to just die.

Up until recently, in my senior year of college, I will soon be thrown into the real world so I need a job! I realized that I could shoot my shot and miss or make (50%) or just miss (100%). I began taking shots. I began to put myself out there. Forget any credential they wanted, I was making shots! Some days are better than others, but everyday I am growing. I am building myself. WHAT A WOW!! Funny thing is this goes beyond career goals. I am putting myself out there with relationships and I am expanding my goals! I mean I have to, the others have already been met!

So just put yourself out there. I know it’s easier said than done, but let it be done. I have a friend who truly inspires me. As she often says, “shoot ya shot!” I don’t mean it the way social media does with the dm thing, no. Shoot ya shot with life! You never know what may come of it. Maybe a job, promotion, spouse, vacation, anythingggg! Or you could just never even try, allow your goals to collect dust like a box of old magazines sitting in another room in your house, untouched…finally trashed.





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