He made the first move


After being pushed, and beaten and dragged and cursed He made the first move. Thorns pushed into His head dripped blood and tears, hot tears with last words spoken and yet, He made the first move. While they pulled Him and tortured Him, oh how they tortured Him to a point of no understanding! How could He continue to make the first move? He made the first move while we made another one trying to show that oh we were not yet ready. We just needed more time, that wait wait after this one last thing I will be good to go, that He should just go on without us, we would catch up, that why would He make such a move on me, that I am not good enough for you yet so let me fix what you do not see as broken so that I will be able to make the first move? Save you the trouble? You saw me as a trouble?


Let me order my steps and let me tweak your plan and let me be sure that all ducks are in a row and let me do it my way. So when I finally open up my heart for you to use me you will not see the past and the struggle and the hurt because I fixed it? I suppressed it. Please allow me to make the first move. Allow me to save you time and be perfect for you just as you are perfect for me although we are one in the same and your perfection lies in me already, allow for me to be…ready.

He made the first move. With nail pierced hands He held me and would never let me go. With nail pierced feet He told me to follow Him, as I would not be led astray because He has already ordered my steps. He already has the plans written down and He already has my ducks in a row, and He already knows when I will turn left and when I should turn right and the approximate steps needed, He knows. You see there is nothing more that needs to be done but to follow. You don’t know where to go so you could not possibly lead. How much easier is it to follow a leader than to try to create a new way? You have been given a path but choose to put dirt to a spoon and reach a destination? He has made it easier than that. Jesus made the first move. You make the second.


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