Food for thought: Beehive

We live very fast paced lives. We are always on the go, trying to do something, get somewhere, or be someone. Always on the move and we miss some very valuable reminders during the journey. I know for myself, I try to make intentional efforts to just slow life down even for a few minutes and breathe, reflect, live. For a few minutes each day just drop everything, phones, computers, people, and pretend nothing exists.

So, I live in a pretty suburban area, where you can hear activity from all corners but when it’s quiet, it’s quiet. Yesterday evening when the sun was finally going down and the heat was subsiding I decided to take my dog for a walk around the area. It was quiet, leisurely. I took deep breathes of fresh air (as fresh as it gets with all the trees being cut down) and walked. I reached a turn where there was a tree that stood a bit by itself. As I got closer I realized that it was not at all by itself, but had been occupied by a beehive. A HUGE BEEHIVE!  I Beehive-art-wanted to walk around it, but instead I was intrigued.  I stood and watched the hive for a few minutes, stillness; only one bee flew out, hovered around and went back in. I wondered what happened on the inside?

It takes about a month for a beehive to really show in structure. So it amazed me that the same journey I take to leave my neighborhood everyday, nature was doing something amazing and it was only then that I truly witnessed it. It was not just the beehive but the fact that as still and quiet nature may seem if you just take a minute to settle, and get away from your fast paced life you may see many other things living just as fast and beautiful.

Food for thought: Can you take a minute and slow down life’s pace? Allow yourself to get lost in the beauty of stillness, nature, anything other than what you normally do. Prepare for new outlooks.

Enjoy it. Enjoy the beehive.


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