Dear Hate

Dear hate,

I refuse to live in fear. I refuse to wake up in the morning wondering not about the pleasant things in life but rather who I should fear, as if a person, created the same way as me should be feared. They aren’t a villain, but rather take on the persona. It’s not enough that we already fear life and the obstacles surrounding, but to now hand the authority of fear to a complete stranger. Forget lions and tigers and bears, it has turned into police, guns, bombs, hash tags and tears. No not happening! I am proud of my journey, my heritage, my color, I am proud. I will not hide the fact that I am proud because you want to bury my people. I refuse to live in fear.

I refuse to remain in my house because I fear to walk out my door to go to the park and be shot for my gender, ethnicity, race, or religion. I plan to see ALL that the world has for me. I plan to make it to my destinations, send my family postcards and make it back home. I will not be afraid of flying. I will not be afraid to celebrate. I will not be afraid to go to clubs or tourist destinations just because you choose to show up and shoot out a whole population.

I have not lost and I will not lose. Because you see there is something beautiful about strength, the strength of a woman, the strength of a man, and the strength that comes from having God live in you. Therefore we will not lose. We are beautifully strong and continue to shine through. We are human. You can go ahead and keep putting on your shows, continue to “try” to diminish and reduce, and deflect our lives. Continue to put on a show. Just understand that all the magic shows do not compare to the magic that lies within us.

You do not have the power. You do not have the authority. My God who gave life is the only one authorized to take it!!

But don’t worry I am not angry.  I forgive you because I understand that there is something special waiting on the other side of patience. With open arms I will embrace you. I will embrace you hate, and I will bathe you with love.




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