Your Suddenly is Amazing

Let me start by simply saying God is sooooooo amazing!!!

You all will not believe what happened today so I’m going to tell you. I was leaving my summer class in the evening and was happy because 1. We got to leave early 2. It had stopped raining so I wouldn’t have to deal with the drive. Little did I know, the rain was just really starting.

I typically have issues driving at night and also in the rain because I cannot see the road clearly. As I began to drive it just started to pour and I mean POUR, ON THE HIGHWAY!! It was as if I was driving on pure water. I was just thinking about how in driving school if you drive too fast you could hydroplane so I just drove slowly.  I could not see the road, I could not see which lane I was in, and the other cars beside me were just either moving super super slow, moving super fast, or creating their own lanes. I literally turned everything off and just started to worship God. Every song that mentioned water I was singing. I was like “Spirit lead me where my trust is without boarders, let me walk upon the waters”. I kept singing that verse over and over again and tried to imagine Peter walking on the water.  Then I tried to imagine my car walking on water like ok I got thissss. I could not see a thing!! But you see the way my God works, He will never leave me nor forsake me. I froze, still squinting, stopped my song and I said“ Lord I cannot see my lane, take control.”

Suddenly! Because my God is a God that moves suddenly, I began to see my lane, and the rain began to subside and I made it home safely. The beauty of the sun shined through and all I could simply say was, “God you are AMAZINGGGGGG!!”

Some may call it nature, but I know my God. It’s just wonderful to know that He hears us and is always, I mean always with us. Whether it is rain or shine, the little things or the big things, God wants your vision to be focused on Him and He will focus on the rest, because HE IS AMAZING!


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