Get to know your you!

I am currently in my season of singleness and I am now truly understanding it and enjoying it to the fullest. I was having a conversation with a friend about how I am happier and more at peace, all that jazz. I then made the realization that until you truly know who you are you cannot know whom you want. I say this because often times we get tired of being single. Not lonely, but mainly alone. So what happens is we begin to settle or we get frustrated.

I then realized something. We get frustrated and settle because we don’t really know what we are looking for; we just want it. What is it? Who is it? It like we are searching through an empty Wal-Mart looking for groceries, frustrating! I realized that if we are to look at relationships through the eyes of God we are supposed to get our exact opposite. The exact piece to the puzzle, as Eve came from Adam we should be able to know exactly who we want because the person comes from us. That person is your equal.

The only reason one wouldn’t know who they want is because they don’t know who they are. How is it possible to just match the leg of a bear to the arm of woman and say that it is unified? It won’t work. I’m sure in another dimension everything works out and some people can tolerate and make it work, but why do that? Get to know your you. Do not rush, know who you have become and who you want to become. Understand your growth. Before you allow a weed to grow next to you, understand the flower that you’re becoming and know the complement, don’t substitute. Get to know what is missing, so that when it comes down your path you will recognize it immediately.

God did not create us to tolerate, to settle, to “make it work”, to substitute. When you’re matched with whom you were created for, OH MY GOSH!  He wants for you to fully know yourself. Most importantly He wants you to fully know yourself in Him.

Secret: save yourself time and just get to know Him. Once you know Him, and I mean really really know Him, you will know your you and that takes you to your “it.”


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