Mid – Year Report

Okay guys and gals it’s time for the mid year report!!!!!

Before you head off to your much needed vacations and such we need to sit and reflect! We are almost halfway through the year 2016. How have you all been living the first half of the year? Are you at peace? Does joy reflect through you? Have you gotten rid of the holes in your socks or the trash in your kitchen? Has your circle grown or is it practically a period? What’s the deal with your mid-year report??

I am proud to say that I have been having a very good year thus far and I am looking forward to the other half of it. There is no secret to having a good report; you choose what you want your report to reflect. Your actions will aide in your report now, and also for the end of the year. There are people who have asked me why I have such peace, why I smile so bright and laugh from the heart. Honestly, there is no secret, it’s just I decided to make a change from last years report. I had to make some things a priority and leave the rest alone. For instance, I made conscious changes to enjoy my year starting with whom I chose to be involved with this year. No time, for just because friendships and such. I owe nobody a thing and neither do you. What do you want to do? Where do you want to go? Who do you want to see? I do not intend for you to land in Bora Bora, but maybe a trip next door is a big start.

I also chose one thing I want to focus on for each month, week, or day. Basically, make smaller goals that will add up to a bigger goal. For example, the past few weeks I have jokingly said “ my goal for the summer is to eat burgers and look cute!” I have definitely had my share of burgers but most importantly, I am taking it easy and enjoying life! This year has truly been about taking it easy, and as I reflect on my annual report for the next half of the year I do not have much I want to change, but do you?

It is not too late to make changes in your year, if you need to take some people out and bring some people in go ahead and make that trade off. Make changes that when you come back to reflect at the end of the year you will be happy to not have wasted the second half moping or crying or stressed out. You will be happy that you made that change on time to really enjoy it, and on time to enjoy your summer. Go ahead, and complete your mid-year report, it can only go up from here.


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