Quality Time

This has been my best week ever so far this year. I have been at peace and just full of joy. From celebrating my aunt’s birthday and my birthday, to the graduation of family and friends, this has been a week of joy and celebration. As I reflect back on this week it occurs to me that what really made it special for me at least was all the quality time that I experienced with my loved ones. It’s such a rare moment for everybody to really get together and celebrate and embrace each other and I truly cherished that.

That’s when I remembered love languages. Love languages are basically how you like your love to be expressed from others. There are five love languages; Quality time, Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation, Receiving Gifts, and Physical Touch.

After I had taken the test I found of that my love language was a tie with Acts of Service and Quality Time and I guess that made sense after looking over this week. Being around my loved ones this week was special. Of course there are times when space is crucial and when you have people tugging on your nerves but for me it was the effort. People took time out of their day to call me or relax with me or celebrate with each other. People took a moment to forget about bills and issues and fights to just spend time with one another, and that for me means so so much more.

Now I speak for myself with quality time! Maybe some of you may rank higher with gift, touch, affirmation. I think love languages are cool, and understanding them can help you better understand relationships.

I just know that for me, a lot is said about how you spend your time with someone.

http://5lovelanguages.com check out this site to find out your love language.



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