Food for Thought: Chance Meetings

Maybe it’s just me, but have you ever thought to wonder how you met some people? Like what brought you and your best friend together? Often times we meet the majority of people through friends of friends, at school, work, other gatherings. Maybe you met someone sitting waiting for a bus and life just clicked, by chance.

I met a lady a few days ago. I was sitting waiting for the shuttle on my campus and she was talking to one of her friends. I wasn’t paying her much mind because I was hungry and so I was sitting on the bench thinking about my banana nut muffin I had forgotten in the car and hoping it was still edible; the sun was really showing off that day. Anyways, as I am pondering my muffin she sat down on the bench next to me and so I smiled at her. I didn’t want her thinking I was rude you know.

Side note: Always try to smile, you never know who is watching.

Here is how the conversation went, for confidentiality no names will be mentioned:

Lady “Oh my goodness I like your nails”

Me “ Aw thank you”

Lady ”What’s your name”

Me “ _________”

Lady “ Oh wait, are you Nigerian?”

Me “ Yea! How did you know?”

Lady “ My roommate is Nigerian so I know a little bit of the culture”

Me” Oh cool, what’s your name?”

Lady “ _______”

Me “ Oh my gosh I love that name, are you from Sp… “

Lady “My dad is Puetro Rican”


That was literally my reaction because I had just visited the island for spring break and it caught me by surprise that of all countries (I was going to say Spain) she says that one. We began to discuss how I got my nails done because of the trip and she asked if I went to the rainforest and how I enjoyed the island and the weather. I asked her about the last time she went and whether or not she spoke Spanish.

She then invites me to her church.

I find it funny the way people meet, they way that we can connect over nails and bring it back to God. I think that is the intention, maybe not always  God, but for things to just happen by chance. There are a lot of people you meet by chance that can often times have a larger affect on you than those you met on purpose.

Food for thought: Who was the last person you can say you are glad you met by chance? Now go let them know how amazing they have been.

I believe that some people are literally thrown into your life on a whim because even though you don’t know it yet, you may need them more than ever. Even though you don’t know it, their smile or kind heart has just made your day 110 times better. Even though you don’t know it, you are glad you met them by chance.


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