Eden Citizenship

I am a citizen of Eden

At one point I guess you can say I wasn’t

Lost in the world, controlled by systems, objectives, laws


We can blame Eve for revoked citizenship but that would be wrong

Life post Eve hasn’t been her fault

Fast forward to life after the crucifixion & resurrection

Jesus reigns

Jesus reigns & continues to reign as He has restored our citizenship

He has given me full dominion

Living in peace as a citizen of Eden


I have Eden citizenship

Rested & at peace I have the fresh glow from the morning light from The Son

Who radiates the goodness of The Father

I am never lost or moving to & fro as I am led by The Spirit.

Part of a beautiful government, not a democracy, monarchy, or dictatorship

The Trinity


I never have to worry about hunger

Being filled with the glory of the Lord

I want no more unlike many

Because of Ephesians 3:20


You have Eden citizenship

Sons of Adam daughters of Eve

Daughters of Adam sons of Eve

Be free with your visit, it never expires

Paradise beyond the fire

Paradise beyond the storm

Paradise beyond your worries


Paradise: Eden


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