Selective Acceptance or Just Plain Crazy

If you know the cartoon Calvin and Hobbes then you must know Bill Watterson the author/ cartoonist. Well, he once said, “It’s not denial, I am just selective about the reality I accept.”

Wouldn’t it be just amazing to be able to choose what we want to accept in our reality and just throw away the rest like it never happened? Just get rid of the fact that you just may be going to court and losing your license because you selectively chose to not accept the tickets that piled on the counter. Get rid of the fact that in a few months loans will start showing up in the mail because you will selectively choose to throw them under the rug since you don’t have a job yet. Don’t even bring up that person that you know you shouldn’t be dating because they continue to abuse you but “it’s not you it’s them “or” they are just in a bad mood” or “ how could you leave someone who looks like that” Let us just continue to selectively accept our reality so that they become dreams.

They say your dreams can be a reality and so let us do that by what we choose to accept, because life is not hard, there can be no bad times, everybody is perfect, and everything is easy. Even though you are about to be kicked out of somewhere, haven’t had a good meal in weeks, or cannot find your term paper due in the next 6 hours…did you even get to the paper or did you procrastinate your way to denying when it was really due? Let us accept that life is but a dream.

Selective acceptance is not acceptance. Selective acceptance is denial.

It is natural to want something to happen that you know can’t happen. It is natural to want someone that you know you shouldn’t want. They are called desires. It is even ok to try things out once or twice. However, when life smacks you in the face and says GET A GRIP OR YOU WILL LOSE YOURSELF!! Then get a grip. Everything is not meant to be peachy clean. You have to get a little rough around the edges, build character, and have a story to tell later on down the line. Consider this, how boring would it be to just have it all mapped out for you, selectively choosing things for your benefit, not having to handle any repercussion for any actions because life is just that great. Something’s in life we just have to accept as part of what life has for us. It is what it is. It does not make you less of a person. It does not make you more of a person. It will make you crazy if you are not careful. Whatever IT is though, can carry you a long way…. selectively.


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