I gave myself a curfew

I gave myself a curfew. Not a bedtime, but a curfew, a technology curfew so to speak. I gave myself a time to shutoff the world around me and just breathe, pray, mediate, count sheep etc. I wanted that control.


By 11pm on the dot I no longer answer my phone or go on any form of social media. If I am already on the phone I round up the conversation and say bye. My phone goes on do not disturb until morning. I mean morning as in after I have turned of the alarm, brushed my teeth, took my dog out, and showered , AND THEN I look at my phone. Any emergency will have to wait until morning ( mother excluded). I typically still watch tv until about midnight ( I cannot miss my family feud lol). I communicate with those around me, that is it. I will not be on my computer or check any emails. This is my curfew. Everyday of the week it is observed, especially during the semester. There are even random times during the semester I may just delete social media all together. During breaks or when I am out and about in the evenings it is not too enforced. Otherwise, I am a turtle in its shell until curfew is over.


I used to be a night owl. I technically can still be in some ways since I may be up until 2 or 3 but I am recalibrating. I used to go out every night, scroll through pages and such on social media, talk on the phone till sunrise, FaceTime till sunrise, oovoo till sunrise, text till sunrise, watch movies till sunrise. If you haven’t watched the sunrise it is actually quite a site to see! But that was not me, it just seemed to be the best option to communicate with certain people or that was when the most fun happened, at night, but I couldn’t do it anymore.

Let me start by saying I love my sleep. I was losing sleep at night and wasting my day away with 4 hour naps, like no way, this had to end! A lot of stupid things tend to also happen at night that typically would not happen during the day. Often times I found myself getting caught up in situations or talking to people or seeing things I would not before a certain hour. Remember those late night texts to that boy or girl that you shouldn’t be dealing with, but it is late and all of a sudden you are “bored” and just wanted to “check on them”. When the sun was shining you didn’t feel the need to check on them then? Well I was over all that. I was over staying up until sunrise with nothing to gain except bags under my eyes. I was not productive. I was turning into a junkie who couldn’t put her phone down because I didn’t want to miss what exactly? What about social media after dark, ew!

For my own personal being I had to regain control. I gave myself a curfew. Where I was able to control the input and output of my night and reflect and recalibrate for the next day to refresh and be my best me. I know I am not missing anything. A curfew may not be for everybody, in fact you may be having the best sleep ever! More power to ya, but there is something or someone that may have all your time for no reason and a few hours away can do a whole lot of good. Give yourself those hours to just breathe.

Breathe – to be or seem to be alive

Go and be alive.


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