The one job that never gets done

Do you ever realize that we fail to get fired from the easiest job in the world! It is a job that most of us even fail to do, and yet we are still provided with a position. Forget government benefits, this job that has ENDLESS benefits and the best pay! It is like one day we were born and I can just hear God say “ You have 1 job, just 1, SERVICE.” Then we tend to go something like “True, cool, I got this, service, no big deal, I got this job in the bag. In fact I’m about to get a promotion because of my service, BOOM! No people, after your pep talk and stuff what you really have is a bag of service left unattended to because “Life got in the way”. What you really have is a life left unfulfilled, lacking service.

What am I here for? Service. We only have one job, and in a way this job covers every other thing God expects from us such as love and obedience.

It’s okkkkk I completely understand! You are busy; you have a life to live. You are in school and studying for a major exam. Or maybe you have kids, and they just need every second of your attention. There are not enough hours in your day? Same here! Oh wait you need to pick up an extra shift, go ahead. God completely understands, that service to you is not a first priority. However, He is ready to serve us and answer us even before we know that we need it. Wow! How selfish of us, and selfless of God.

We need to understand that this life is not about us! It never has been and it never will be. Jesus understood that the life that He had was not for Him but rather it was the life He GAVE and used to serve, in which He served us with the best gift, Eternal Life. Mark 10:45:

For even the Son of Man did not come to be served, but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many.

We also need to understand that God equips us with the strength to get the job done. We have a specific purpose and job that differs from those around us. If you are the quiet type, God will not give you a job that involves speaking to the masses. You catch my drift? He has you covered; you can get the job done. Are you ready to put the job first? Truly put God first understanding what it means to be saved. Do you understand what it means to be saved? Do you understand that a saved heart WANTS to serve?

Sidenote – You are not being forced to serve, I repeat  YOU ARE NOT BEING FORCED TO SERVE. Just know you leave behind endless benefits of this amazing job!

We should live a life of service, a selfless life. There is room in life to study, work, and have fun, don’t fret. But, at the end of the day when you meet up in heaven He will not ask about the hours you worked, or understand your excuse for passing by someone in need. He will want to know about your impact, your service.  Romans 14:12 lets us know that we will have to take account of our own actions.

Did. You. Get. That. One. Job. Done?


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