Get Rid of the Holes in your Socks

So this past week I just returned from visiting my cousins out of state. One night I was playing Connect Four with my youngest cousin. As we were playing the game my other cousin came to give us names we would use during the game, and guess what she called me? Holey sock girl! My mouth literally dropped.

“How did you know I had a hole in my socks?”I asked.

“Everybody knew since the first day!” Sweet Jesus, the wave of embarrassment, confusion, and shock that surrounded me I could not even play the game properly without staring at my socks now. I felt so stripped of life. The next day I immediately went to the mall and bought a brand new pack of socks! Now I show them off as if they are the most expensive piece of clothing in my closet.

You won’t believe what I realized through the whole escapade. It was as if a new light surrounded me all because of socks, SOCKS! I know it was more than the socks. Many times we like to assume that we have it together and put up a front or assume that we are able to hide our flaws and that nobody is really looking that deep within us. The truth of the matter is that we are always being watched. It doesn’t matter who the person may be or what the case may concern but there are always eyes watching for that hole in our sock to appear. Do you understand what can happen when a hole appears somewhere? It is an opening that allows free access to anything and everything. There is no safety net as you are exposed. The sudden appearance of easiness or faultlessness is now stripped away.

However, why not be one step ahead of the game? Why not get rid of all the holes in your sock before you get called out on it? Removing the holes in your life could be as easy as removing some people out of your life. Filling the hole with positive energy is another way of tackling the issue. A hole does not have to be a permanent part of life, you control what you choose to expose. I told myself this is a new year. After that incident I got a rude awaking and have gotten rid of every hole not only in my socks, but also my life. Say yes to a fresh start! Go buy a pack of socks!

Besides, what good is a hole if it’s not the center of the doughnut?



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