Merry December 25th

Today is a special holiday! Tis’ the season, falala, open the gifts, and enjoy time with loved ones kind of day. Today is Christmas Day. Today is the day of our Saviors birth. Today is December 25, 2015 and it is 70 degrees where I live and raining. I don’t know what happened this year but the holiday spirit just took a detour because it feels like a quiet Friday.Maybe it is the weather, or maybe it is the sudden lack of decorations around my neighborhood. When I was younger Christmas was a big deal, A BIG DEAL! You could see it, smell it, and taste it. Now I find myself wondering whether or not I should sleep all day or watch a Christmas movie. Where are the Christmas movies? Where is the eggnog? Where is the story of Jesus, the plays, and costumes from the little kids? It is Christmas right? It’s not just December 25, 2015. Maybe as we get older we realize that the “holiday” is just another angle to prosper in a capitalistic nation. Maybe it is up to us for what we make of the day, what we choose to remember it as.

Well Merry Christmas! Make this day great, because you can. Do not let the spirit of the world effect the spirit in your heart. If you want to build a gingerbread house and tell the story of the birth of Jesus then you do so, and save me a piece of gingerbread.


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