Peractorum (Nostalgia)

Remember the days when you used to wake up Saturday mornings & watch cartoons, the ones that made you laugh so hard that your stomach hurt, all while eating a bowl of cereal? You didn’t have an issue waking up early because the shows were worth watching.

How about the time you scraped your leg climbing a tree or digging a hole in your backyard because you were convinced you had found a treasure? How about taking your bike up the highest hill & riding down with only your feet as breaks, and so you got a bit hurt, got up, and did it 10 more times!

How high did you swing on the swings? I knew a kid that practically flipped over! Remember how imaginative you used to be? If you were like me then every doll had a name & life of their own. There was always an adventure to pursue as you played house or doctor.

What about the time when the sidekick & razor were the phones to have & if you could get a high score in the snake game or pacman you were awesome! Speaking of games, you had to sit through the original Mario cart because there was no pause and save! Everything was enjoyed in that moment.

Do you remember old Disney? Old nickelodeon? Losing monopoly pieces? or the excitement of the McDonalds happy meal toy tucked between the smell of fries and nuggets. It’s funny to believe that it wasn’t so long ago you would sneak on the phone at night talking to your boo, now there are no limitations.

I may be having a walk down memory lane moment, but it is one worth having. I enjoyed my youth the best I could with simple pleasures.  It’s sad to wonder how many youth today are missing out on THERE OWN YOUTH trying to grow up to quickly.  Engrossed in endless forms of technology & media they miss the beauty of long phone conversations when an emoji says it all. Maybe this is the new beauty. Well if you ask me it looks pretty ugly. They won’t have the creative minds with “reality” always smacking them in the face. They are too serious. They won’t know etch a sketch & morning cartoons & about the mysterious world in their backyard.

I may be acting over the top, but I thank God for my youth. I pray for this youth.


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