What CNN won’t tell us!

I want to take a moment to thank CNN, the leading Cable Network for all the information and knowledge that they have provided over the years. However, in recent months, weeks, day’s, and hours, it seems that CNN has become the thing to watch if you want to receive bad news, hear about the latest protest, death count, bombing ect. I am not trying to make light of any situation happening around the world and say that the issues are not of importance. However, what is one to look forward to and hope for when hope is no longer demonstrated on something so often viewed. This short post is just to redirect all current news to ones more positive, news that we often don’t get a chance to recognize. Read them, share them, and laugh, whatever you wish. Understand that much of what we see is not always what it seems. Many issues in the news are dramatized for their benefits. They show us what they want us to see and often not the full stories. The world is not completely shattered. There are still heroes and inspiration all around us; more than CNN will credit. These stories are just a few of the many I have read over break that I would rather hear than CNN’s “breaking news” and it is all real life!


For insight on how to be light and share news worthy hope beyond the issues take a look at https://aviventem.wordpress.com/2015/07/03/breaking-news/ and see what else I had to say.

Continue to pray for peace, hope, and spread some love in your lifetime!


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