How I almost lost my credit card…and then my mind.

So let’s talk about how I practically had a heart attack because I lost my credit card. So on my way to work I stopped by the bank drive thru to make a large deposit. AS SOON as I put my card into the machine I took it out and put it in the car. I finished my transaction and was putting everything back in place when I realized I did not see my card. I literally parked the car in a lot and destroyed it top to bottom, because like I said earlier, I PUT IT IN THE CAR. I poured everything out of my wallet, drove back to the bank, searched the car again, searched my wallet again, and I could not find that card! At this point I was late for work and I begin to cry because I can already picture my card being used at the gas station nearby, and then the person could’ve went to Five Guys and ordered a double cheeseburger, large fries, and a drink. I walk into work late, a mess, and it had only been about 15 minutes; to add a bonus, my phone did not work to pull up the bank information so I could cancel my card! My manager kept telling me to calm down and relax that I probably did not look well because I was panicking. So I looked for another 20 minutes, by this point my fear had reached a full panic attack and I could not breathe properly. I didn’t even tell my parents because how do you do that, I just don’t know how! FAST FORWARD >>>>>> I emptied my wallet one more time, took out each card piece by piece and behold, my credit card lay among between my Smart Trips (metro passes). Let me take a minute to be honest at how STUPID I FELT!

This situation happened to me and my whole world crashed in minutes; it only takes minutes. It only took one thing in my life, in my wallet, to be out of place, for a domino effect to occur. The devil is looking for one thing he can rearrange, something that will through us off balance and then he can occupy control of our mind. I allowed my fear and imagination get the best of me and forgot to stay calm and remember God. Instead of thinking of practical positive thoughts of maybe a person turning it into the police or something, I was thinking practical negative thoughts of other things. In such a world that we live in it can be hard to remain positive when the dominos begin to fall. We allow our thoughts to manipulate our actions and more and more dominos falls until we can’t even begin to pick them up. Lucky for me I was able to pick mines up, and you can too. There will be moments in life when things may be out of place because of OUR OWN ACTIONS (it may not always be the devil), but we just need to be able to put them back in place, straighten up the dominos and keep it rolling.

I almost lost my mind because of credit card, A CREDIT CARD, I could always recover and get money, but I only have one mind, and I have decided to not lose it.


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