You ever heard the one about the boy who cried God?

I am sure by now many people have heard the tale of the boy who cried wolf. A boy named Peter is given the opportunity to look after the sheep in the village but he gets bored and looks for a way to amuse himself; that statement “An idle mind is the devils workshop” is so true! Peter cried wolf the first time and the townspeople came rushing down just to find him laughing. Later on, after everyone had calmed down Peter did the same trick again. The people were not pleased and had had enough. Peter had learned and decided to behave. This time a wolf actually came! The boy cried wolf, “WOOLLFFFF WOOLFFFFF” and the townspeople did not answer. They did not even look in the direction of the cry and it was too late, the sheep had died and Peter cried in the tree.

How about the story of the boy who cried God?

This story is similar to that of the first but with a couple of twist and turns. This boy for some reason did not feel the need to have to call God, but God always felt the need to answer regardless. You see this boy had an idle mind also and would always find himself in situations beyond his control “ I will figure it out” ”I know what to do” “I will just call my mom” “I’m sure the doctor will give me a drug for that” “Let me talk to my bank”. This boy didn’t feel the need to cry God, but he called for other resources. He did what he had to do and lived in content of his results, not in search for nothing greater (such a drag). Well that was soon to change, because when he cried out to God, he cried out with his whole heart. Once everything he had was gone, money, family, health, you name it he lost it, he cried out to God. Unlike the townspeople in the previous story God was aware and he was ready. God was ready before the boy knew he was about to cry. How amazing is that? Not because God is psychic or arrogant but because He is God. What’s even more important was that God was ready to help, even after the boy felt as though he needed Him and pushed Him aside, God never left his side.

We all know the same cannot be said for people. How many people do you know would come running to your rescue when all hope is gone? As if they do not have their own hope to try and maintain in a world such as ours. God always has time for us, no matter what we do, no matter whom we offend; he doesn’t wait until it’s too late. It is never too late. In life we will want to cry. We will want to cry out to our friends, our family, social media, and think that it is enough to resolve or suppress every issue we cross. What if we just cried to God? Not everything has to be a boohoo fest, a simple “ God I know you are near and I need you to make a way” the end. Have you ever heard the story of the boy who cried God? Well he did not cry for too long.


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