You cannot tell me there was a time in life where you haven’t had a relapse moment. The type that comes from when you stop taking drugs for a while or a bad habit, but then something clicks that makes you want to go back to the old and forget the progress, just go back to what was easy, familiar. It is so strange the way the mind works and how you tend to need God more in certain areas than others; I guess that’s when you know you are headed for a relapse or when change is coming, because you want something, or someone to hold on too. Well I’m here to say that I realize that a relapse can come in all forms, but the best medicine is that from God. It may not be drugs, it may not be sex, it may not be stealing or something major, it could be as simple as anger or as quiet as fear. It could be returning to having a bad attitude or isolating from the world. The important thing is to not hide away with whatever it may be, because although the world is big enough to hide in, life still has a way of finding us. Even when you suddenly seem to be on your own, a wave with a different motion; when the world seems to be revolving and you’re on standstill do not move backwards, just look to the one who understands all. You may not know what’s next and because the only thing that you can understand is what has already happened I’m telling you to just not have a relapse episode. When you feel that shift about to happen get busy, when you feel the tear about to fall laugh, and when you feel that itch waiting to be scratched go bake a pie lol understand that everything is happening for a reason and just get ready. Do not entertain the thoughts in your head, do not entertain your mind. God did not bring you out of a situation to go back into it, so move forward. Get ready for what’s to come. I will admit it’s not easy, I’m still trying on my end but I will tell you the first step, is literally take that first step, and then another, and then another, and then another…and remember you aren’t take it alone.


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