The BUTS in life

This word is one of the most used words in modern day language. In fact, this word is the most used and possibly one of the most detrimental words to be used in a sentence. You see, when used appropriately, the word BUT can carry you past emotions and into a place that can catapult you into a world of boldness and certainty. However, when otherwise used in the negative form, it opens a world of impossibilities, uncertainties, lost potential, and regrets.

Introducing to you, the BUTS in life:

“I want to go to Harvard, BUT I am not smart enough” – Um so you are telling me that the ones who go there have two heads? They are born of a different species?

“I want to visit Paris, BUT I do not have the money” – There is something called working, Paris is not made for one type of person, and you can go if you want to. The same way you save money for bread save money for that ticket.

“I need a student visa, BUT they won’t give it to me” – Get rid of the negative energy.

There are so many scenarios where we have inserted the word BUT into our sentences and suddenly it were as if a wall was being built against us. Think about every BUT you said, as a brick used to build a wall, now how big is your wall? Now go get a hammer and TEAR THAT WALL DOWN! On the other side of that wall is everything desired. The BUTS in life occur when there is a lack of hope, a lack of faith, a lack of drive. You are looking at your physical wallet or you are comparing yourself to a person with a completely different DNA! What if Abraham said “ But God this is my only son”? Of course there are people who used the word BUT and God proved them otherwise, they just had to go through a bit more. Wouldn’t you rather skip the questioning phase and just start the journey. The BUTS in life are designed to stunt your growth in some ways. Imagine when we say BUT I can’t God says BUT I can and then the wall that you built God also tears down effortlessly.

“BUT what if nothing works out” – Well read Hebrews 13:8 and get back to me.


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