Credere in te -Believe in yourself

It is such a beautiful thing to believe in you, but it is an even better thing to have a support system and people who believe along side with you. The past three days I practically went sick because I did not believe in myself. I thought I had failed a class and was already accepting my failure of a D+. I was already preparing to take it over again and find a good teacher; until my mom checked and told me I passed with a B-.  All I could do was shed tears. Everybody had been telling me that I would pass I would be ok, yet I was not believing in myself. It was me who was causing myself all the drama and pain, over something that was out of my control, over something that was a part of God’s plan. In the same way we do life where we accept failures and work around the way of the world when God says we are for signs and wonders, not for failures and tears. We have to live this life with a strong sense of belief and carry a team of believers around us, people that will build us up when the flood tries to wear us down and just know that it will all be well, it is after all, a part of life.


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