Breaking news!

Breaking news – Same sex marriage legalized in all states

Breaking news – 3 Countries attacked by terrorist

Breaking news – Obama delivers eulogy for pastor shot by racist in church

Breaking news – Convict on the loose. Oh no wait one just died!

The past few days, this and many more has been what has popped up on my phone. These are the types of notifications I receive on the regular. This is the world we have come to live in. I honestly do not remember the last time CNN ever reported a piece of good news; it is as if they feed off of bad news energy. However, I do remember Genesis chapter 18 and 19 and how God BURNED down the cities of Sodom and Gomorrah because they were not living accordingly.

Quick History: Sodomy is defined as “sexual intercourse involving anal or oral copulation”

Moving on, that word is derived from the city of Sodom where the men were performing in homosexual activity. That was not the only reason the cities were destroyed though. The people were not kind to outsiders, they were going against all God had planned and He was angry.

I see the same thing happening in our modern day world. Our world is full of hate, it is full of pain, it is full of tears, it is full of immoral acts and God is crying. He is not going to burn down the world again, but I believe we all need to understand that when God comes back He may not so understanding. We cannot keep making excuses for what the world is turning into. In the midst of bad news we need to be the breaking news that renews and restore the light. Why not give CNN something worth reporting? In fact how many us would share this now without fear of criticism? We are living in an age that has so much worldly influence yet people know 1 Bible verse and proclaim religion while doing the opposite. Nobody is perfect but what are we striving for? What are we preparing the generation for? What do you want the next breaking news to be?


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