When the Privileged meet the Blessed

There are a lot of people in this world that are privileged and have always been served dinner with a gold spoon. I am not one of those people Sometimes I use a silver spoon, once in a while I use a plastic spoon, and every now and then I even use my hands. Who really cares how something is done or the status that is achieved as long as you are happy doing you right? It is a blessing to do many things and be alive, to go to school, and to especially get a job in this day and age. Yet we often overlook those things. There are those (privileged) who feel entitled and when they get a job that others want and then quit it’s like “ummm that could’ve been mine”. But that is when the mindset of a blessed person turns it around and goes “ I may not have that job but I have the ability to apply for one.”

We have to understand that we will always run into a few people in the world that have it better off than us, but that is not a reason to think otherwise of your situation. You are blessed, and you are blessed to be a blessing. Life likes throwing curveballs. So you didn’t get that scholarship? You are still able to continue with an education that many countries do not offer! So you lost a race? At least you have legs to run! Ok so your car got stolen? At least the thief didn’t steal your life! Recognize you are blessed, that’s something you should cherish for life. Because there are some people who would love to be in your position.


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