Zamar Praise

I love music; no like I seriously love music and I don’t discriminate. You know that feeling when a good song comes on, and then you need to take a minute and try to learn the lyrics and you start going crazy every time you hear it like “yesssss this is my song!” That’s me when I hear a new song or a good song. There is something about music that just gravitates you to another world, and that is just simple radio music. Now imagine music where the lyrics are towards God. They are lyrics of prayer and thanksgiving and joy. These are lyrics that break walls and destroy enemies and answer prayers. It is music and a new song that has changed the lives of many people. I begin to feel music more when I know those are the only words that can translate my emotions. Sometimes I get all girly with the love songs, or crazy with the pop songs, but there is something about a song that talks to God. Zamar praise, it is praise with music, giving your all even when you are all dried out. Taking time out to praise when you know you should use that time to study. In the bible David gave Zamar praise when he was troubled in the spirit and was restored. God loves to be praised and I mean is He not worthy? There are times where we make up an excuse for why we cannot give a few minutes to sing a song, a Zamar praise, but wait a minute let the radio start playing a popular song and all of a sudden “ You my trap queen” and we can get loud, but we can’t get loud with Zamar praise? The secrets are easily unfolded in a song, but let it be the right song. May you not be someone’s trap queen, or king (unless that’s your dream then do you boo). I have unlimited songs that help me talk to God. What’s your favorite? Find your Zamar praise.



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