Viventem – Living

It is opening night and you have waited for this moment your entire life. Can you feel it? Can you feel yourself begin to live? The stage is still dark, nobody in the audience knows what to expect. However you have waited, and prepared, and practiced, and failed, and practiced, and passed, and persevered to turn your existence into a form of living a pursuit that has led you to become who you are. You are about to present the God-given gift of truly living. Viventem! Embrace life in all its forms because it is a stage. You are the main character and there are plenty of extras that will try to take the lead but do not let it happen. Oh the first act will be a breeze, 9 months of peace and 5 years of play. The next couple of acts will begin to stimulate your senses and thoughts. Around act 5 you should begin the stage of adulthood but do not fear. In this act you find your voice. It is all leading up to the climax of life. Get ready to live. The intended pursuit in a systemic environment is what you have worked for. You are now living. Viventem!



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