I may never learn how to wear makeup again.

I look at women who are so effortlessly a beast at putting on make up and who beat their face to a transformation that is sometimes subtle and sometimes unnecessary. I am truly at awe because I know it is not easy. A blank canvas turned into a masterpiece. Nonetheless it may also be a masterpiece stained by judgment to contour and shadow and highlight assets that then begin to appeal to others; Remember the key phrase “appeal to others”. Don’t get me wrong I love makeup even though I don’t really know how to wear it. It can make a person feel beautiful, it’s fun, it’s something different from everyday. Yet, I would prefer to minimize my touch on a canvas God has already created. In this same way I consider life, a blank canvas that we have “made up” to our benefit. It’s ok to minimize our touch. We often like to shadow and contour areas that we think need to be fixed and we highlight and line areas that we want to stand out more, all the while ignoring when God says we are made in His image which is more than beautiful, just as our life is beautiful even when we are confronted with a pimple of stress or hardship every now and again. We must remember the ending to be a masterpiece. God holds the brush in his hand everyday working on making a masterpiece out of us. He adds a stroke of joy and peace here and a test of patience there. A little tear and a lot of laughter, which is more than any artist from Mac or Sephora can do and the end result is beautiful, our life is beautiful. With that reason alone I put down my makeup brush, I don’t need to learn what God is doing for me, just allow Him to do it. He is the artist to my canvas.

Then again, a little lipstick never hurt right?


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